Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Room 3 & 4, 2 March 2016

You have been learning about "Grit.  Today we're having a little review of where you're at.  What are you thinking about what you're learning?

Check your grouping on the board.

Unistructural - you're just getting your head around what grit means 

Watch this movie

This is an outstanding example of grit.

Open the doc that's been shared with you in your drive and put down some thoughts about this.

What do you think grit means now?  

Multistructural - you can communicate in lots of different ways

This link is a quiz about communication.   Make a note of your answers.  You can check the answers at the end.   How well do you do?

We will brainstorm about communication in class.  Each one of you needs to set themselves the challenge of trying out a type of communication you find difficult.  Write it in your Google doc.  Share it with your buddy.  

Relational - you are thinking about the tough choices you have to make sometimes.

Extended Abstract - you're ready to explain about grit to someone else.  You're ready to inspire someone else to be stronger, better and happier.

Have a look at this boy's video.  He calls himself "Kid President."  His message is "You were born to be awesome."  "Take the road to awesome."

How are you going to take the road to awesome?  Write some thoughts in your doc.  How can you inspire others to be their most awesome self?

The two roads diverging (meaning going different ways) in a forest comes from a poem by Robert Frost.

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